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Sure-fire Turkey Photo Page

turkey on platter

Easy steps for a "quick" smoked turkey flavor.

Sure-fire Turkey Recipe

foil pack openTake two large sheets of aluminum foil. Place wood flavoring chips or chunks on one of the sheets of foil.
For poultry, I prefer hickory wood smoke.
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closed foil packPlace the other sheet of foil on top and loosely crimp it. You may want to open it during the cooking to add more wood. Poke holes in the top and turn on the fire underneath.
For preheating the gas grill, you can turn on both burners. By the time it has warmed up, smoke should be coming out of the foil pack.
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full view of turkey and foil pack and grill
Turn off the burner under where the turkey will be placed. For charcoal grills, rake the coals so they all are underneath the foil pack. Place the turkey (or the turkey in a pan) on the fire-free side for indirect cooking. Insert a meat thermometer and close the cover.
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picture of smoked turkey
Here is your reward. It is best to keep a close eye on the fire until you are certain the grill is maintaining the right temperature. If you use the pan and carrot method mentioned in the recipe, you can use the burner under the turkey to help maintain the temperature, but go easy with it.


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