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Lee Dunkelberg has been cooking over open fires, barbeque grills and cooktops since he was kid. 

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I’ve  been cooking since I was a kid.  My mother’s dad did most of the cooking at their house (although grandmother made a killer cornbread dressing-that recipe is a treasured heirloom-and a tasty fruitcake ).  I also got very involved in Boy Scouts.  So, I learned early there was nothing odd about a man doing the cooking and such “rules” should be ignored..

Soon after that, I abandoned that well-reasoned thinking and began following the “rules” of cooking.  There were certain ways food must be prepared.  There were certain ways food and drink must be served.  Some things just simply are not done!

What a load of bunk!  If it works for you and it doesn’t harm anyone, go for it!  THAT is the philosophy of Culinary Cowboy (tasting good should fit in there somewhere).  People who look down their noses at perfectly good food should do without.  They need to find out what being hungry is all about.

Our motto

If you don’t like it,  there’s always peanut butter!

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