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Pusserís Painkiller

Pusserís Rum is made by the folks who made the British navy rum.† ďPusserĒ is a corrupted form of ďpurserĒ - the shipís storekeeper.† British Tars lost their daily tot of rum in 1970.

Culinary Cowboy


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Text Box: It was the vacation of a lifetime ó a week sailing in the British Virgin Islands.  I dreamed up a few recipes on the boat, and looked up recipes for more when I got home.  The trip is chronicled on another website (click the green seal to go there).

Text Box: This was created on White Bay at Jost Van Dyke, just offshore from Ivanís.Stress Free Bar and the Soggy Dollar Bar. Itís a gorgeous spot.
Text Box: To the left is A Frayed Knot, the boat on which six of us, headed by my friend Capín Jim, toured the Caribbean.  While sailors love their rum (donít they Captain Ron?) they love conch fritters too.

A staple of sailors of old, these teeth-breaking biscuits actually came in handy.† I made them before the trip.

Text Box: Yes, the BVI is surrounded by water and in that water there are fish.  So, why in the world is one of the most popular dishes on the islands made from salt-dried fish?  I donít know, but they are good.

Soperís Hole is a great place.† You can replenish the boat and your spirits. Once youíve stocked up you can go to restaurants, shops and bars. Or walk away from the crowd, which I did.

White Bay Sausage & Pasta

Saltfish Fritters


Conch Fritters

Miss Waltersí Rum Punch††††††††††††

Caribbean Cruising Recipes